This is the flood tax: coming soon to a ballot measure near you in Washoe County. Many legal questions with law but could add a combo of taxes inc about $125 a year on a $30,000 car registration (already high: I paid about $369 for my 2013 Chevy Volt last year), property tax (we already un-sunsetted school property tax on top of WC1) and/or room tax (already 17% on a $100 room). A Biased committee is meeting to figure out how much. More info on request but we have to be prepared to fight this.
GET INVOLVED: Related to AB375 and politics in general we really need folks to get involved, serve on committees, the AB375 Opposition Committee, run for school board, council, commission, assembly, etc. It’s not just for the elite. Again feel free to contact me. 

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